Home Depot Prioritizes Stock Buybacks Over Rewarding Hard-Working Associates

For immediate release
September 19, 2023

Home Depot recently announced an authorization of $15B for the purpose of stock buybacks. If that sounds familiar, it’s because they did the same thing last year.

Home Depot has now authorized $30B for the purpose of stock buybacks over the last two years.

In February, because of a revived labor movement, they allocated $1B for a one-time “Cost of Living Adjustment” for associates.

We, the associates, through the hard work we provide every day, generated that $15B which the Board of Directors has decided to give to themselves and their investor friends.

$15B is enough to give each of us 500,000 associates a $30,000 bonus.

Associates provide the customer experience, get freight moving, take the service calls, and get the product into the customer’s hands. We are Home Depot’s “competitive advantage”, yet we never seem to be materially treated as such.

Let Home Depot’s actions tell you where their priorities lie.

Let’s force them to reevaluate their priorities.


Home Depot Workers United is a grassroots movement of Home Depot associates who cultivate and support associate union organizing efforts across the company. We are associates who work in stores, call-centers, distribution centers, and in the field. As associates, we’re the engine that drives Home Depot’s success. We are Home Depot’s greatest asset and competitive advantage.