HDWU Celebrates UPS Teamsters’ Triumphant $30 Billion Contract Victory

For immediate release
September 6, 2023

HDWU would like to congratulate the 340,000-strong UPS Teamsters on their courage to stand for their convictions fighting for and securing $30B in hard-earned contractual wins for workers. 

Thank you for being an inspiration and a reminder of what workers can do when they stand together and demand what rightfully belongs to us.

If we don’t hold these corporate executives’ feet to the fire, they’ll gladly enrich themselves off our hard work. HDWU would like to thank the courageous UPS Teamsters for their work to lift all boats. For we know, whether in a delivery truck, warehouse, coffee shop, assembly line, call center, writer’s room, or sales floor, our fight is one and the same.

Organize. Join the movement.
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Home Depot Workers United is a grassroots movement of Home Depot associates who cultivate and support associate union organizing efforts across the company. We are associates who work in stores, call-centers, distribution centers, and in the field. As associates, we’re the engine that drives Home Depot’s success. We are Home Depot’s greatest asset and competitive advantage.